Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to automated data processing

Convert data from PDFs, Word docs, images, and text into any structured format, including Excel spreadsheets or your CRM system
Spend less time with data entry
Seamless Data Migration
Hassle-free data migration, so you can move all your unstructured data to a new format or platform with ease.
Intelligent Data Mapping
Our AI Virtual Assistant will quickly map data in unstructured files using your text instructions, just like any human would.
Any File Format
Our AI engine will determine your file format, layout, and proper fields to fill in without needing anything from you.
Custom Integrations
With our API and custom integrations, you can easily integrate into your existing systems and workflows.
95% faster turnaround
Whether you need to process invoices, customer information, or any other type of data, can handle it with ease.
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